It is that time of the year when YouTube shares the best of the best videos, clips and shorts that have become infectious within the year. Here we present the top five creators from the US in all categories. See the full list here

#5 Dream

This creator has around 27,5 million subscribers with an average of 30 million views on his videos. The channel explores gaming, specifically Minecraft collaborative gaming experience and according to YouTube, has in 2021 continued to evolve with Minecraft Speedrunner series.

#4 CoryxKenshin

He reached nine, ten and eleven million subscribers this year, making fun, engaging videos on gaming including parodies and commentary. Cory is a one of a kind artist cherished by his community for sincerity and genuine humor. 

#3 SSSniperWolf

Lia or sniperwolf loves gaming and makes humorous videos about life including the most diverse topics you can think of. With over 30 million subscribers, her reaction videos received over 6 billion views in 2021.

#2 Dhar Mann

Dhar is a passionate filmmaker who has created hundreds of videos about life, business, and relationships that have been viewed over 29 Billion times. Through scripted situations he shares life experience and wisdom with all in short, 10-15 minute videos that have certainly resonated with millions.

#1 MrBeast

84 million subscribers watch MrBeast do insane challenges like remain buried alive in a coffin for 50 hours. He has raised millions of dollars and donated it to charities, not to mention other kind actions like adopting every dog in a shelter or planting trees. It comes as no surprise that the charismatic young man becomes the number one YouTube creator for the second year in a row. 

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