Christmas season is here again! As the releases slow down a bit, people actually start listening to music more in the months of November and December – Christmas being the very reason for it. Although it has been reported that during this time many people actually listen to music that “falls under ‘romantic,’ ‘easygoing,’ and ‘lively’ categories”. 

Integrate Holiday Themes into Social Posts 

Fans love seeing their favorite artist in the giving spirit, joining a charity or offering promo codes. Moreover, you could do simple social media posts showing that you spend time with family and friends and you value the Christmas spirit like they do. Here are some ideas to get you inspired:

Run a Holiday-Themed Merch Campaign

Millions of people shop online today and especially during the holiday season this is an excellent opportunity to spark interest within your community, maybe run a small marketing campaign to let people know that you are doing this and you’re good to go. Holiday themed merchandise is something people love including fans and non-fans.

Create TikTok Series That Will Help You Get Discovered

“One thing that remains unchanged from 2019 is that Costs-Per-View (CPV) on TikTok remain low compared to major platforms like Facebook, making it an ideal channel for new artists to reach a big audience before the year is out,” says Wavo. Leverage this to your advantage by coming up with an interesting holiday-themed series of short clips that you can post every day for, let’s say five days. You will definitely see results even if you don’t get millions of followers on the first day. 

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