About Us

Music Marketing Promotion is a sole creation of MusicPromoToday to
help educate artists about the music industry, “The How To’s” so to

With weekly new content and updates, we want to help up and coming
artist or just regular people to learn more about the music industry, and
how they can leverage tools to maximize their outputs with the
minimum necessary inputs.

And a bit more about why MusicPromoToday is equipped to deliver this
MusicPromoToday is an established music marketing agency, we focus
on digital PR, social and streaming marketing, influencer promotion,
and more. Our team of experts has been promoting artists and music
from around the world since 2012, we have successfully worked on
many viral and disruptive music marketing campaigns.

We build our clients with custom digital strategies to increase their
online exposure and help them reach a new level of promotion and
visibility. Our clients include independent artists, labels, and brands.
The team consists of professionals and certified experts in data
marketing, branding, and story development.

That is why with our experience backed content, we promise to deliver
the best possible content for you to enjoy and reap the knowledge of
our hard work.