An audio-only chat room that has wildly grown since its release over the past year, Clubhouse has now become the center of attention among all music lovers. While it is only still available on iPhone, this super exclusive app has managed to create just enough curiosity for marketing and PR enthusiasts to start asking questions. Clubhouse has managed to gather a lot of hype, even though the vote has been split. In order to deduce whether this app is actually the next best thing to happen to the music industry, let’s review its pros and cons.

Advantages of Clubhouse

Ideal for Entertainment

An interesting fact about Clubhouse is that its users go through it for many purposes. While its primary purpose is for entrepreneurial reasons, leave it to today’s generation to look beyond the horizon. The app is a great escape for anyone looking to have some fun and pass the time. This can include talent shows, chats, games, rooms discussing trending topics, and ‘Meet new people’ rooms,

Get a Glimpse of Big Celebrities

We all get excited when we see a celebrity through any shape or fashion. However, Clubhouse provides a new level of excitement, especially when the celebrities are in the same chat room as you. This is different from simply listening to them talking on a podcast; you will be literally with them live in the same chatbox.

Learn from Experts

For most, Clubhouse is similar to a conference, always on the go. Constant breakout rooms and panels are going on with various topics on hand and distinct professionals giving their expert opinions. This is the perfect platform to buckle down and learn a thing or two about the music industry and its online presence.

The Perfect Place to Network

One of the more popular uses of Clubhouse is for networking. The app allows you to create plenty of connections and friends from around the globe. You can even create or host your own panel and mesh in creative minds to watch the magic happen. The music industry is all about its connections, and what better way to start than a worldwide online platform. You can even hold those panels to boost your own brand and attract leads that may later turn into prospective customers.

The Disadvantages of Clubhouse

Every hit has a miss! Clubhouse may be a hot app to get on in today’s music world, but it still bears its fair share of discrepancies.

Awkward Chat Rooms

When you have so many group chats flying around, it is undeniable that a few may just as well be awkward. From knowing when is your cue to speak or being surrounded by timid individuals who do not wish to speak at all, chat rooms are a definite concern within the app.

It May Waste Your Time

Some people can go as far as spending a full day on Clubhouse. Now, if the app has sincerely helped your career or branding strengths, then, by all means, go all in. However, if you are just on it to kick back and have some fun, it is essential to set your limits beforehand.

Lack of Credibility

There can be a lot of misinformation flying around the app, just as any other online application. This is where users should be diligent in looking out for scammers and users spreading misinformation.

It Can Be Overwhelming

Just as the spread of misinformation can be misleading, too much information by itself is also the case. You will be in the presence of so many experts and professionals that grasping all that they are putting out there may be too much to handle. Keep in mind that each individual has their own drive and unique way of doing things. Your role here is to gather as much as you can and input what feels suitable to your approach.

In conclusion, if Clubhouse is used the right way, it can be highly beneficial to your business—aside from being a fun source of entertainment. Nonetheless, you should always put your best interest first and be careful not to get scammed with information or time.