In an ideal world, you would hire a professional to write your bio, but hiring a professional can sometimes be too pricey especially if you are just getting started in the music industry.
Getting help is not a bad idea unless it is your 15-year-old cousin as you are going to end up regretting that decision. They say if you want something to be done perfectly then do it yourself. But for writing it yourself you have to know some of the crucial points required when writing a bio.

In this article, MusicPromoToday will tell you how to write a kick-ass artist’s bio.

1. Avoid Long List Credentials

Your bio is not a resume. If you were a finalist at such and such contest or you played at a specific festival or shared the stage with Madonna, that sounds great, but the media person or publicist looking to cover you in a blog would be horrified to read your bio if it looks like a long list of credentials.

You can always create a section in your bio titled “Career Highlights” or something like this and share your accomplishments there. Your bio must tell a story and not just strictly list facts about you.

You have to keep in mind that your bio is not just for you but for your fans, event organizers, and venue owners to know you and your work better.

2. Tell A Story

Your bio must be full of interesting facts about you. If you went to the mountains in search of yourself, mention it! If you named your band in honor of your fish, mention it! Trust us, readers get impressed with such things. Concentrate on the highlights, the critical events and turning points that shaped you as a musician.

3. Testimonials And Relevant Quotes

A big collection of quotes about yourself is as bad as a list of credentials. You can easily insert too many, thus make your bio almost unreadable. A long list of quotes don’t tell a story and even if they do, it won’t be a cohesive story at all.

But used correctly, that is to say sparingly, they can add a credibility boost to your bio and enhance it while bringing it to life.

Sometimes quotes are better to be left out than in. Testimonials sometimes can kill the flow of your bio while not adding anything valuable to it. Something like “the best band I have ever seen” or “their sound is so unique” may stroke your ego but they don’t tell anything about you. These kinds of quotes are good for the press or your testimonials page. Long story short – if quotes are telling a story about you then use them. Otherwise, they are not mandatory.

4. It Must Be Short

The longest bio must not exceed one page printed out. You have to edit it and remove unnecessary details from it. Among the classic elements to avoid in the first place are things like track descriptions, no matter how hard you want to tell everyone about each of your song’s meaning, or writing all of the band member’s bio separately – save it for your website. And the last one, mentioning mastering engineers. It may be heart-warming for you that your music has been taken to professional mastering and you spend a lot of money to make it possible in order that your fans listen to high-quality sound, but the majority of them don’t understand what mastering means at all. 

5. End With A Call To Action

Always offer your reader a next step. Always include your contact form at the end of your bio. If someone reading your bio got interested in booking you or featuring you on their blog or publication, that is what they will be looking for.

In case you are Rihanna, you can just bypass this article as you probably have tons of people who want to work with you and find any possible and impossible way to get in touch with you.
Anyway, even if it is just “have a listen below to our latest single” you should always give your reader something to do after they finished reading your bio.

The sad thing is, none of what you have learned will matter if you don’t know how to get your music out there. Want to learn more? Then just check out our other articles on how to promote your music in our blog section or if you need guidance contact us through our form and we’ll get back to you in no time!