Making music is a prize for the creator and listeners. Nevertheless, like many artists, you have probably wondered about the ways to promote your music best.

Getting people to listen to your music is the golden ticket every musician wishes to achieve.

Read on for five methods to boost your music online and garner all the right audiences.

4 Ways To Promote Music Blogs

With the rise of the internet, music promotion has taken a definite leap forward. Many may assume that music marketing actually involves costly ads and more. However, that is not necessarily the case; there are plenty of effective, inexpensive techniques to implement.

1. Publish Music Blogs 

There are plenty of music blogs or PR agencies looking for new artists to write about. Given their expertise and large audience, these blogs reserve a lot of traffic. They go as far as covering famous musicians to writing about newfound sounds.

These types of blogs are always on the hunt to discover the next big thing.

2. Online Music Platforms

There are many budding online platforms that help new musicians break waves into the industry.

Websites such as Spotify are all the rave now when it comes to music from established and new coming artists.

When it comes to Spotify specifically, there are a few steps to consider for an effective music marketing strategy:

  1. Get your profile verified.
  2. Get fans to follow you on Spotify. You can push your followers on Instagram or Facebook to follow you.
  3. Promote your music with Social Media.
  4. Be active on Spotify by uploading music consistently.
  5. Collaborate with other musicians.
  6. Promote your music with Spotify playlists.

3. Youtube Channels

Youtube has been an active tool in music promotion ever since it launched back in 2005.

For starters, you can consider publishing your music on Youtube, but that will not help much if you do not have a decent follower basis.

Tips To Upload Your Own Videos:

  1. Take photos during your video shoot that you can use as thumbnails for your video.
  2. ​​Upload your highest-quality audio.
  3. Title your video and add a relevant description. Use keywords.
  4. Include videos into YouTube Playlists to promote your music to like-genre lovers.

Another option is employing the help of promotion channels. You can email these channels asking them to help promote your music on their videos. They can do features, reviews, and much more.

4. Social Media Platforms

Saving the best for last, social media has a superb effect on our current day-to-day world. And, with such power comes great impact. From Facebook to Instagram and Twitter, social media has become a go-to for an up-and-comer in the industry.

Keep these tips on hand when launching your social media presence:

  1. Design a reliable approach
  2. Hold a consistent branding outcome
  3. Find out which social platform works best for you
  4. Post regularly—Schedule your posts in advance
  5. Connect with fans
  6. Be genuine
  7. Sync up your post across all platforms that you choose to use

For more tips on growing your follower base, read on through MusicPromoToday’s blog and Instagram.