TikTok! The Chinese video-sharing application is now reshaping the marketing strategies that have been used for years. The fastest growing social media service has not only captivated Gen Z’s, but it has also facilitated the rise of several undiscovered artists including up-and-coming 18-year-old singer: Loren Gray.

In this article, we will provide you with a handful of tips and tricks that will not only help you get your foot on the platform but will also ensure long-term success for your music career. 

  • Establish your Community:

Before hopping in, remember that to grow your fan base, you have to create a niche that best fits you. For instance, if you are a musician and you also love dancing, flex your dancing skills publicly by creating challenges featuring your songs.

  • Upload High-Quality Content:

Another straightway to nurture your fanbase on TikTok is to work on perfecting your content. Everything you post should be revised, edited, and checked because there is no room for making mistakes. Once your content is live, it’s live. 

  • Get Creative:

Creativity is what will help you get ahead in this highly competitive game. Since you are only allowed to post mini-video snippets, then be sure to start the video with an attention-grabbing intro; otherwise, the audience will skip. So you either hit or miss. Be careful!

  • Start or Join a Trend:

Starting a trend is an excellent way to increase engagement with existing fans or even potential ones, but if you are running out of ideas, you can join an up and going famous trend. 

  • Use Hashtags:

Using hashtags is a must!

TikTok is powered by algorithms that scan the used hashtags to categorize your video into a certain genre. Hence, if your video lacks hashtags, the algorithms will fail to detect the type of the video, which can decrease the chances of it being featured in users’ “For You Page.”

  • Get Your Song to TikTok:

As simple as it looks, it’s a crucial factor in the process. You have to make sure that the digital distributor that you are working with, is also distributing your song to the platform. 

  • Analyze: 

If you go on the internet, you will find an ample number of online services which help you evaluate your profile engagement. This includes applications like TikAnalytics, Analisa.io, Cloutmeter, among many others. But hey, if you have no time to do all that, you could also hire a marketing agency to extract and analyze your insights, and help you along that process. 

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