The pre-production stage is the primary determining factor for the success or failure of any project. Never hit the studio without having a solid plan, and by plan we mean, a long-term one where you lay down everything from expenses, profits, targeted marketing, and so on.

We at Music Promo Today have collected the following tips to help you with the technical side of things. We’ll make sure to dedicate another article covering the non-technical parts as well.

Music Production:

A multitude of factors make a good song, one of the most important being the pre-production stage aka, producing and recording the song. This stage starts with songwriting, arranging, tracking, editing, mixing, and finally mastering. One can argue which is the most important one, but I’d rather say to have a top-notch piece, so you better push your limits in this very first step. 

Some handful Tips:

  • Write Smartly:

Some claim that writing a song usually takes them less than an hour, while others say it’s a long process. It doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as you prepare the skeleton version of the song early and keep adding retouches to it. Always remember that keeping listeners hooked is not an easy task hence you better invest all your energy into it by creating relatable lyrics for the audience. 

  • Let’s get technical:

In this subsection, we will list some of the technical equipment that you will need during this process. This includes but is not limited to high-quality studio headphones, a mixing board, sound baffles, a digital audio workstation, and last but not least a computer with a great processor. Note that great performance does not mean you have to pump thousands of dollars; there are ample options of this kind of equipment that will serve you for many years ahead.

  • Pay attention to the nitty-gritty details:

Keen attention to detail in the pre-production stage will surely perfect your project. You should keep reviewing your work so that you have a top-notch piece, as mistakes are not acceptable after the song goes live. To avoid that kind of issue, you better seek feedback from both professionals and fans.

  • Don’t steal; get inspired:

Every artist’s inspiration comes from a source, you shouldn’t get embarrassed from borrowing or sampling someone else’s work. However, whenever you decide to do so, be sure not to copy it as it is, try to reflect your character in your work. 
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