You’re probably wondering what’s the link between artificial intelligence and music, right? Well, believe it or not, A.I. is currently being utilized in the entertainment industry more than in any other field. In fact, if we rewind to 1951, Alan Turing (the father of computer science) was the pioneer behind integrating artificial intelligence with music. One of his major works was to build a machine that could generate melodies. Currently, researchers are working on launching more sophisticated software with the ability to generate lyrics, craft harmonies, and last but not least, help with vocalization.

But the real question is: will A.I. take over the industry? Or will it just make the artists’ lives better by helping with the redundant part of the job? 

  • Will A.I.leave many jobless?
  • Will A.I. give us a new genre of music?
  • Will A.I. help you perfect your project?
  • Will A.I. revolutionize the industry?

First and foremost, did you know that A.I. is not only capable of assisting you in the songwriting process, but it also has a say in promoting it? You can feed the algorithms with relevant data which in turn will help you find your fandom easily. If you think that’s not enough, data can also assist artists in monitoring fan’s activity, ultimately leading to a better estimate on what and when to post.

Secondly, we can not but talk about how A.I. technology is capable of writing songs. No, it’s not a dystopian movie we’re talking about; it’s a reality. Take HOOKPAD or Master Writer, for instance, these kinds of software usually have a massive database that helps you generate melodies, serves you with vocabulary for writing lyrics, and can even correct your phrases. 

One thing you should know is that the advancement of A.I. technologies, in general, are nowhere correlated with increasing unemployment. On the contrary, technologies mostly facilitate creative work in a myriad of ways, as you don’t have to put too much time into doing redundant things that can be easily automated. 

Artificial intelligence is also doing a great job at paying tribute to icons such as Amy Winehouse, Nirvana, and even Mozart through their work. 

For now, A.I. is here to assist you in your process, so why not invest in it? The future of A.I. in the entertainment industry seems to be a positive one. Make sure to jump in on the train now and start investing in using this sophisticated technology.

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