Technological advancements are constantly reshaping how businesses operate, this mainly applies to the music industry. That’s why musicians should always be on the lookout for the latest trends and updates to catch the fast-moving train. 

It is worth noting that there are thousands of online applications that give big promises to its users, but only a few work, but why so? Simply because there is nothing as ‘one size fits all’ in the industry. 

Enough intros, let’s look at the below subsections, which is prepared to help you grasp the ins and outs of the industry.


The platform is home to over 1 billion monthly users and has an ample number of songs in its library. The app can make your music go viral overnight. Yes, you heard it right, over one single night. The important thing is to find your niche and post accordingly. Also, be sure that the posted content is of high quality.


It has proved itself to be a fast-growing platform for musicians where musicians now can kick off their career from YouTube by posting cover videos of hit songs. YouTube can assist you to better pave your way towards success. 


If you want your work to be discovered by potential fans, then Soundcloud is the perfect option out there. Your work can travel the world and reach famous producers and record labels. Users on the platform can also establish ties with other artists and work on collaborative projects. 


You might not have heard of Bandzoogle before, but the platform is constantly growing and is a potential buzz of popularity. The platform has become a hub for aspiring artists, where they can put out their work and sell it for whatever price they want. Hop in now before it gets overcrowded.


Indeed, music promotion is not the first thing that pops up in your mind whenever someone says ‘Facebook,’ but what’s interesting is that the platform can come in handy, as it has over 1 billion users. 

Now that we went over the nitty-gritty aspects, you as a musician should choose the platform that you think best fits you and your promotional needs. Note that you are not only bound by the above-mentioned platforms. You can choose other platforms such as Instagram, Drooble, Audiomack, among many others. The most important thing is to weigh the advantages and disadvantages that come with them. 

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