TikTok is surely one of the most used apps in the world, thanks to its creative content which varies from comedy sketches to dance challenges and even tutorials. Many underestimated the potential power that the platform now has, especially when it first came to light. But TikTok was quick to prove them otherwise. 

It is important to note that the platform does not only entertain its audience, it also helps them excel in their careers. There are creators, for instance, who were able to make a fortune thanks to the application. There were other underground artists who were able to top charts by simply displaying their projects on the platform.

The process is simple! You just have to master a few tricks. 

We have previously written about the ins and outs of the platform, such as ‘how to create smart account strategies‘. In this article, we will be talking about how to make your song go viral on the platform.

Let’s get to the bottom of this. Shall we?

Before listing the different factors that could help your work go viral, your very first task should be to make sure to have your song in the TikTok library. To do so, find a digital distributor that could get your music in TikTok’s library. 

Now that you completed that step, make sure you check the below factors as well.

Pay Attention to Algorithms:

Attention! Attention! Attention! 

Understanding how the platform’s algorithm works will help you in the process. When you are designing your TikTok strategy, you have to have a crystal clear understanding of the way the application works. Meaning, in order to garner success on the platform, you have to focus on engagement (will be discussed later) and your audience. 

Focus on Engagement:

A video without engagement is meaningless since the algorithms scrap the videos that have high activity. The more engagement you get with your content, the higher the chances are for your video to reach others. It usually appears on users’ #FYP (for you page), ultimately helping your content grow.

Produce TikTok Friendly Projects:

If you want to go big on the platform, then be sure that whatever you put out there fits the platform. Since songs can be featured in no longer than 15 seconds, you have to include a catchy and cool segment of the song and use that in your videos. It does not matter if it is the chorus, the outro, the bridge, just make sure to include that catchy segment.

Utilize Hashtags:

Put relevant hashtags, do not just spam your video with random hashtags. You can also put trending hashtags, or to add a twist, you can create your hashtag and ask fans to use it as well.

Focus on Creating Challenges:

To take over the platform, you have to come up with challenges using your track. Work on expanding your network with other creators and ask them to promote your song via their platforms. 

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