Nearly everyone listens to Music. Some listen to it with constant ads, background noises, inability to skip Music they don’t want; some prefer quality streaming. The laters are the real music fans targeted by Music streaming services. In this article, let’s understand which music streaming services will keep the industry popping in 2021. It is already the end of 2020, and lots of statistics and results are available already. We researched the industry and the different streaming services based on them to determine which streaming services will remain popular or get popular in 2021. 

Let’s get started! 

1.Spotify Premium

What other platforms can come to your mind before Spotify when thinking about Music? With some of the best smart playlists around and the best social connection offers, this 800-pound music giant is addicting its target and further enlarging its user base. You can connect your Facebook and Spotify accounts, share Music without involving Facebook or other social media. You can even share your guilty pleasures (I know you listen to that “Oops, I did it again” thing when alone) in private, so your crush wouldn’t find out your true pathetic nature. 

Hey, but wait, you know we did not yet mention the best Spotify feature, right? Nothing can feel better than switching outputs on the fly. Without missing a beat, you can flip from the smart speaker wherever it is to your living room’s big sound in midstream, and voila, the magic happens! That will definitely steal some decent number of hearts wanting to stream Music in 2021. 


2.Apple Music

Even though this streaming service was considerably late to the party, its subscription and streaming offer got the music lovers really enthusiastic. It includes some exclusively rare albums from iTunes, and it is safe to claim that if you love iTunes, there is a huge chance you are going to love Apple Music. It has a broad library, and its services are available in a surprisingly wide number of platforms, including even those connected to Android, and yes, even Samsung Smart TVs.

The platform allows you to upload your personal music collection to the iCloud Music Library using a service signature feature. Your limit is 100,000 tracks, but the good news is that the Music you purchased from iTunes or downloaded for offline listening doesn’t count in the total. 


  • Individual, $10 per month
  • Family, $15 per month for up to six accounts using iCloud Family Sharing
  • Student (“college Student only, verification required”), $5 per month

The bonus good news that will definitely hook the music consumers of 2021 is the  Apple TV+ access!

3.Google Play Music/YouTube Music

One of the smartest algorithmic playlists in the industry is the one provided by Google. Their ecosystem offers a lot to the digital world, and of course, they did not forget about our deep desire to enjoy quality music. Thus the tech giant has offered its streaming services, including Google Play Music and competing streaming service YouTube Music in true Google fashion, both with outstanding streaming catalogs. The apps work with iOS, Android, and Chrome browsers smoothly and are very user-friendly. They allow uploading 50000 tracks from your collection with a free account using a standalone Music Manager utility on Windows or MacOS and even Chrome extension. 


  • Individual, $10 per month
  • Family, $15 per month for up to six people
  •  $12 a month to get ad-free YouTube playback and keep listening even when the screen is off
  •  $10 Google Play Music includes YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium
  • $12 YouTube Music Premium subscription includes Google Play Music

The last option demonstrates their vision for the future, which will be the main headline stealer in 2021. It represents the future of streaming with Google coaxing subscribers to give users an opportunity to transfer Google Play Music collections to YouTube Music. What a crazy time we live in! 

Those three music streaming services are with no doubt going to steal the show in 2021, but there are also other streaming services that deserve to be mentioned. So, the honorable mention list includes streamers such as:

Many other platforms can succeed in the streaming industry, but beating the ones mentioned will be hard for anyone. 

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