TikTok is starting new partnerships directed to make it easier for brands to tap into music and sound on the platform.

The company has developed its TikTok Marketing Partners program and added six certified partners that will support brands in creating “sound-on” plans for the platform. TikTok adds that its aim is to connect brands with trusted partners that will be able to help them leverage its “sound-on” setting to involve consumers. The company’s new sound partners will provide audio with two categories: custom sound and subscription sound.

The new custom sound partners are KARM, MassiveMusic, and The Elements Music. TikTok notes that custom sound partners produce tracks that strive to build community participation around challenges and campaigns.

The new subscription sound partners are Epidemic Sound, Songtradr, and UnitedMasters. These new partners provide music offerings through monthly, yearly, or project-based licensing plans.

TikTok says the two categories will help with a variety of campaign objectives for brands on its platform.
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