Coldplay renewed with Warner Music Group’s Parlophone and Atlantic Records. The five-member band has partnered with Amazon Music to present “an intergalactic audio-visual” event, called “The Atmospheres,” in New York City, London, Tokyo, and Berlin.

Amazon Music and Coldplay revealed their two-day pop-up event through a formal release that was emailed to DMN. The Atmospheres is scheduled to start on Friday, October 15th, and will support the 25-year-old group’s upcoming ninth studio album, Music of the Spheres.

The New York City event is set to take place at Vanderbilt Hall on Friday and Saturday. Fans can book a slot here.

Talking about the Amazon Music partnership and The Atmospheres in a statement, Coldplay said: “We’re excited to partner with Amazon Music to bring Music of the Spheres to life. The Atmospheres will take fans on a trip through The Spheres and into the heart of the album.”
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