Spotify has been investigating brain activity to enhance its digital audio ads.

The music and podcast streaming company collaborated with Neuro-Insight, a neuro analytics company, to convey a study of more than 600 participants. In the study, participants listened to a broad variety of genres, including rock, Latin, rap, and more, while audio ads were played in between. Researchers surveyed their brain activity to investigate the response to a stimulus using SST, or steady-state topography, which was produced by Neuro-Insight founder Richard Silberstein.

The study proposes that digital audio ads can request more mental action and emotional activation when compared to other types of advertising. Researchers discovered that digital audio involved long-term memory and triggered memories. Different genres had different effects as well. For example, rap created more engagement and genres like rock produced an emotional intensity.

Spotify also researched podcast genres during the study and discovered similar results. 

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