YouTube has lately been on the war against Discord music bots. This piece of technology enables users to play music from YouTube videos on Discord servers.

Citing copyright breaches, Google shut down the Groovy bot and now, it is pushing Rythm offline.

​​Rythm is a popular music bot installed on 20 million Discord servers and is being used by over 560 million people. Yoav, the developer behind the bot, said that the service was being powered by over 4TB of RAM and 1,000 CPU cores. Google issued a cease-and-desist letter stating that Rythm should be shut down within seven days. The developers are complying and shutting the service.

The shutdown does not only hit 560 million users but also the bot’s developer who was included in this project.

​​YouTube and Discord do seem to be working on some sort of alternative, though. Discord has been examining a social party feature on its service, allowing users to form a YouTube watch party. It’s not a replacement for music bots on Discord, but it will be an official way to watch YouTube content inside Discord.
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