10:22PM announced that it signed a virtual group called KINGSHIP consisting of four Bored Ape characters. Universal Music Group NV is now working with leading collector Jimmy McNelis on this NFT project where four of his tokens will be transformed into a virtual band. The three bored apes and the one mutant ape are all part of the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. 

The idea is to make the apes into 3D creatures with the help of crypto artists and animators and bring them to life, almost literally. “The company will record music for Kingship that it releases on streaming services. The “band” will perform and participate in video games, virtual-reality applications and across the constellation of digital experiences known as the metaverse,” says Lucas Shaw from Bloomberg News.

10:22PM team is planning a large marketing campaign to introduce the Apes to the world and give them interesting backstories, similar to how label companies introduce non-digital artists to potential fans. According to OpenSea data, Kingship’s golden ape is valued at around $190,000 at current prices. The NFT band will, of course, make much more money because fans around the world have always been willing to pay for sentimental things pertaining to their idols. The challenge then becomes to create high quality art, which 10:22PM will throw all their energy at.

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