We are happy to announce that Instagram is working to become a more creator-friendly platform day by day. Today’s topic is their newest feature that is not yet public, called “Instagram creator subscriptions”. These were, however, added to in-app purchases in the area of the US. Sensor Tower, which tracks the mobile app ecosystems reported spotting the new feature at the beginning of November at $4.99.

Before then “Instagram Badges” were the only in-app purchase option specifically during livestrems; badges are certain virtual items bought by fans which helps support their favorite creator. The new feature has been spotted by several media consultants like Matt Navarra and Brian Kofi Hollingsworth but it will be a while before we see them available to everyone.

TechCrunch says: “With subscriptions, the idea is that fans could pay a small, ongoing fee for exclusive access to content from their favorite creators.” They also report “Exclusive Stories” will be added to the feature list for the subscription service which will show exclusive stories to subscribers only.

 Alessandro Paluzzi, who is a reverse engineer, tweeted that “subscribers would get a special member badge and would gain access to exclusive live videos.”

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