Releasing new music is always special for creators. It is the moment when something new and beautiful is born out of your creativity, and you want to share it with the world. In this article, we will help you identify and understand the best ways and tactics, or in other words, the digital art of music marketing, so that your music reaches the maximum number of people. 

In one of our recent articles, we talked about Music Marketing Misconceptions. Check-out the above mentioned article before diving deep into this one, as it is always good to know the mistakes you should avoid before learning the steps you actually need to take. You can also give a read to Music Marketing Strategies That Are Still Relevant in 2020 to have a better understanding of the latest trends in the industry. In this article, we will help you figure out your music marketing plan, step by step, and guarantee that you will have no questions left regarding music marketing. 

Still, if you would like to dive even deeper, you can also read 3 Smart Music Marketing Campaigns from Our Favorite Artists/Bands to have the examples for everything you will read in this article. 

Let’s start learning the digital art of music marketing! 

1. Grow your following on social media

The social media following is one of the most important measures of your popularity and reach. It is also the quickest way to see the full picture of your digital presence. Of course, the amount of followers is the first indicator of your popularity. But that number is only the superficial representation of the situation. There are more important indicators you have to pay attention to. 

Usually, a smaller niche with active users means more social media success than a huge following with no high responsivity rates. Labels with whom you would like to work later will concentrate on the numbers of likes and shares your posts get instead of the number of followers on your account. 

If your one post gets more responses and reactions from your followers than a post from someone who has more followers, it means your target is more specific, and your publications are more important. Keep the connection with your followers alive but of course, try to increase the number of your followers. To do so you can:

  • Play shows in your local scene
  • Participate in local or international festivals
  • Engage in online conversations
  • Respond to comments 
  • Regularly post about your creative process, music, and life
  • Share background scenes from music videos, the creation process or BTS of recording your music
  • Network with other artists, collaborate, bring them to your channel, appear on theirs
  • Focus on finding the right followers for your social media accounts

2. Get A Website 

The website is a must-have. It is the unique platform that belongs to you and only you, where you can share everything people need to know about you and your music. You can use the website for everything from announcing new projects and tours to selling tickets, music merch, sharing news, writing blogs, and literally anything. It is your platform and your content. 

Design your website appropriately to your character, your music, and even your social media presence. Creating a website is not hard at all. Just use the tools like  Squarespace or WordPress and follow the instructions. Good luck! 

3. Press Coverage

Of course, you can always cover your own news through your website and social media. However, press coverage is still very important. It will help you get your message across to a wider audience and show you from someone else’s perspective, which always has a tendency to seem more interesting to the audience. There is nothing special about advertising yourself. 

Naturally, people talk about the things they do. However, when someone else talks about you from the standpoint of a third party, it automatically appears more valid and trustworthy. So before beginning any campaign, know that press coverage should be one of your most important steps to think through and plan. Try to make them interested in publishing your story. Here is an article on Press Kit Rules In Music Industry: Everything You Need to Know that will help you with creating a Press Kit step by step. 

4. Release Singles From Your Album Early On

Once your new album or EP is ready and you have a date of release, consider releasing a few songs separately before the actual release date. It will intrigue the audience and keep them interested. Before the album, the release of a song will make the audience talk about the album and share it naturally. The song will give them a taste of the album and tease them. With the release of each single before the album’s grand release, you will automatically have more platforms talking about your new album before it is even released. Mention it everywhere, from social media platforms to interviews and articles, that the release is from an upcoming album and see how the album itself gets more headlines than if you hadn’t taken that step. 

There are many details and strategies that you can use based on the specific characteristics of your new release. However, digital marketing basics for new music releases are simple and clear, and anyone can use them to succeed. Try to adapt our suggestions regarding the digital art of music marketing to your situation and your releases. For more information on music marketing tips, check-out our 15 Great Music Marketing Tips for 2020.

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