The message that you set your email program to send out automatically the moment a new fan subscribes to your list is called a welcome email. If average email-list open rates are about 25%, open rates for welcome emails can get up to 80% making it one of the highest opened emails. No wonder why people want the service or product they signed up for!
The point of an email list is fostering your relationship with your fans. But if your welcome email isn’t appropriately built, it may create the opposite effect of building strong relationships with your fans. Improperly built emails usually contain nothing but a link to download something but nothing else, or an artist’s very long bio with a text written in different fonts and colors addressed to multiple people, rather than one person.

We, at MusicPromoToday, decided to break this down and share some ideas in this article for perfect welcome email crafting. The perfect welcome email must therefore include:

Throw bouquets at them

Just thank your fans for subscribing – they just did the thing you wanted them to. Praise them for taking action.

Give them clear directions

People may need directions to access or receive what you promised to give them for subscribing. You have to include clear instructions. For instance, if it’s a downloadable .zip file, where will it most likely end up? What will happen when they click the “Download” link? Make sure to make them feel comfortable by giving them a great user experience. This is another step to building that wonderful fan-artist relationship.

Make them do something

Make calls to actions like “click on our website” or “share the signup link with your social sites”. When they actually do the things you told them to do, you automatically become a trustworthy authority while starting to build a strong relationship with your fans.

Keep emailing them

Yes, you’re going to continue emailing them. Your subscriber must know that they can expect some awesome content from their favorite artist. Content like song stories, band member profiles, opportunities to take part in the creative process, etc. You want to make them expect emails from you, so when that email DOES come, it’s not an interruption, but an expectation.

Be short and sweet

Make sure that your welcome email isn’t long-winded! Say no to the infinite scroll. Also, make sure to write in your voice, and write as if you’re speaking to one person and not a crowd.
In the end, it’s you and your music that people signed up for in the first place. Your welcome email is the perfect place to make a good impression and move your artist-fan connection in the right direction.

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