With the pandemic entering our lives, live events became a luxury no one could afford anymore. It was not safe and illegal to organize such events. However, as time passed, a few innovative ideas allowed the opportunity to bring offline performance art back. 

Many were wondering about what was going to happen to the festival culture as world-famous festivals went digital. Event organizers tried pivoting towards online platforms via live streams and hybrid opportunities when they were available. Artists such as The Weeknd and Travis Scott started giving mind-blowing live concerts mixed with VR effects that gained unbelievably huge audiences. You can dive deep into the newly developing live stream concert culture by reading one of our recent articles, A New Digital World Order – Live Streaming, TikTok The Weeknd, Sal Xo & Beirut

With this article, MusicPromoToday will tell you everything about recycling old organizational methods into bridges towards live events. Let’s see if it is possible to use our traditional event organization techniques to adapt live event culture to our new reality!

First things first, safety is a priority, especially during the pandemic. So usual face control will not be enough. When organizing a concert, consider the laws regarding the number of people allowed during gatherings, make sure that people enter the venue with masks, and have the necessary amount of hydro-alcoholic gel available in the area. 

Other vital considerations are inviting local staff, talent booking, and verified regional fan-residency within a safe geographic radius and Biometric ID measures. Crowd Monitoring issues can be solved via AI usage, cashless transactions, bundled concessions, and tech solutions for reducing lines and crowd congestion, including guiding and engagement across event spaces. These instructions are most useful in organizing small events.  

However, a definite trend of the year in event organization was drive-in concerts that immediately went viral. Their management differs from usual concert management not only because of the pandemic restrictions, but because of their format itself. You have to consider everything from the area choice to the space between the cars and the bathroom issues. All of it may seem a nightmare you don’t want to participate in but do not give up as MusicPromoToday is right by your side. 

Our article [article name with hyperlink (still not published) on organizing drive-in concerts] will help you with a detailed description on what you need to do to succeed in drive-in concerts organization. Have a look at our other articles to learn about hands-on music marketing techniques to boost your music promotion game.

And remember that events are no longer just places for having fun; they are the most diverse and credible places for generating an unlimited amount of content. Use them to your benefit.