The Music Business Association (Music Biz) is set to hold its flagship event, Music Biz 2023, from May 15 to 18, 2023, at the JW Marriott Nashville. The four-day conference is expected to provide attendees with industry-defining conversations and connections, in addition to discussions on how the music industry can evolve to better serve the needs of music professionals.

Music Biz President, Portia Sabin, said, “A major hallmark of the Music Biz Conference is how we use our platform to highlight new tools & technologies that help artists at all levels reach new fans and create lasting relationships that allow them the freedom to authentically express themselves.”

The conference will conclude with a Music Biz LIVE keynote titled “Leveling the Playing Field of Music Discovery on TikTok.” Participating in the keynote will be Jillian Rutstein, the Vice President of A&R at Prescription Songs/Amigo Records, Tracy Gardner, Head of Label Relations and Artist Partnerships at TikTok, and Congolese-Canadian singer/songwriter LU KALA.

LU KALA is redefining what a Pop star sounds like through her own tracks and those she has written for artists like Jennifer Hudson. With over 19 million streams, LU has also found great success on TikTok, recently surpassing 271,000 followers with viral snippets from her songs, including “Love Sh*t,” highlighted by fellow songstress SZA. Her most recent single, “Pretty Girl Era,” currently has 22,000+ UGC videos and more than 88 million views. LU KALA’s next EP is set for release in the summer of 2023.

The keynote will explore how artist teams and TikTok are working together to leverage the platform to boost artists’ careers. Tracy Gardner believes TikTok is a unique platform that is able to connect artists with a wider audience: “It’s important for us to be the platform that helps discover and nurture talent, and what I think we’ve been able to do is connect artists with audiences in a really meaningful way.”

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