Leading music streaming service, Apple Music, has taken a significant stride into the live music space by introducing groundbreaking concert discovery features on both Apple Maps and Apple Music platforms. This exciting development, announced on May 16th, aims to elevate the live music experience for fans while fostering deeper connections between enthusiasts and their favorite artists.

Apple Music’s relentless pursuit of innovation in the realm of streaming is evident through the unveiling of these new features. A global team of expert curators, with an unrivaled passion for live music, has meticulously hand-picked over 40 remarkable venues across cities worldwide. These carefully curated selections are presented through Apple Music‘s ‘Guides,’ offering fans an insider’s glimpse into the most captivating live music experiences around the globe. To make the discovery process seamless, these Guides are easily accessible via Apple Maps, enabling fans to browse upcoming shows directly within the app itself.

A vital catalyst in enhancing the concert discovery experience is the integration of Shazam’s concert discovery module. Since its acquisition by Apple four years ago, Shazam has grown exponentially, now boasting an impressive user base of 77 million registered fans and providing concert information from Bandsintown, a highly regarded event recommendation platform featuring 570,000 registered artists. Through the app, fans can now access comprehensive concert information, ticket availability, and even purchase tickets for upcoming shows near their location, offering a seamless end-to-end experience for live music enthusiasts.

Apple Music‘s commitment to enriching the live music ecosystem does not stop there. They have recently launched an exciting feature called ‘Set Lists,’ presenting a collection of major tours that allows fans to delve into the intricacies of concerts and explore the carefully crafted set lists performed by their favorite artists. By visiting apple.co/setlists, fans gain exclusive access to upcoming shows in their area, utilizing the concert discovery module powered by Shazam and Bandsintown. This newfound integration not only empowers fans but also nurtures a deeper connection between artists and their followers, making the live music experience even more immersive and memorable.

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