Some things are simply better together. Especially when it comes to watching a trending video, a movie, a sports highlight, or scenes with your favorite celebrities. But in these days of the pandemic, it is also important to keep social distance and take care of your and others’ health. Facebook announces Watch Together so people can enjoy Facebook Watch videos with their friends and family and see each other’s reactions in real-time over Messenger video calls and Messenger Rooms.

But this is a win-win option as Watch Together is also great for creators. Whether you are a DJ, or an electro-guitar player, or a music band your community can watch and engage with your video in a Messenger video call.

In this article, MusicPromoToday will share some useful and essential information on how to increase your Facebook video views.

1. Study the competition

Facebook has such a concept as a quality ranking. As you might infer from the name, quality ranking is a tool that measures the quality of your content in comparison to the others competing for the same audience. In case you manage to earn a high-quality ranking, you are getting granted with your content being delivered more frequently and more favorably than your competitors’ content.
The advice here is to do some research among your competitors. Look through other artist’s Facebook accounts and highlight for yourself what they are doing with their content. Then, do it better without plagiarizing.

2. Give your audience a reason to come back

The frequency of your users’ search, watch, like and share of your content is the key factor Facebook looks for when determining the loyalty of your viewers.
Everything is simple: the more loyal your viewers are, the higher your organic video content rank is, the more video views you’ll accumulate.

Luckily for you, the key to earning loyalty can be boiled down to just two words: provide value. So everything is just in your hands. You need to provide your viewers with top-notch content. If Facebook users walk away from your videos having gained something positive, the likelihood of them coming back increases exponentially. Musicians can establish an emotional connection with their fans by taking them BTS (behind the scenes). This way they can see more than just their favorite artist or band on a stage but also take a deeper look at things that are happening before or after the shows. So you, as a musician, can create a video showing yourself not just on the stage but also behind it.

3. Create content specifically for Facebook

Facebook also emphasizes the importance of originality. This social platform is committed to limiting the distribution of not original or even repurposed content. This means that if you are producing YouTube videos and recycling them as Facebook videos, you are not going to see any good results. In other words: If you really want to rack up Facebook video views, you need to create fresh content that’s made specifically for Facebook. This is definitely an extra effort but it will eventually pay off.

Your fanbase, the audience you’re reaching on Facebook is unique. Thus, the video content you produce for them should also be unique. Otherwise, you’ll miss endless opportunities to drive engagement and increase your video views.

4. Make audio optional

85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. This statement may upset you as a musician as the sound is your voice but there are some good ways to bypass this obstacle. In order to reach the widest possible audience, in order to consistently maximize your Facebook video views, it’s essential that your content is comprehensible without sound. If someone watches the first couple of seconds of your video and realizes that it’s incomprehensible without sound, they are simply going to keep on scrolling.
You can try to tell stories about your music that are easily understandable with nothing but visual images. But if you want to take the smarter route, subtitles are your new best friend.

5. Always be flexible

In general, social media is a rapidly developing mechanism which means that what works for you today isn’t necessarily going to work for you tomorrow. More specifically, what brings your videos views and likes on Facebook today, isn’t necessarily going to work for your Facebook videos tomorrow. This means you have to be flexible and your success depends on your ability to adjust.
Here, not only for musicians but all content creators in general, comes to help Facebook’s free, easy-to-use platform named Creator Studio. It is designed to upload and evaluate all your video content from one convenient place as long as you have administrative access to a Facebook page.

The Creator Studio allows you to get access to some helpful data about your content’s performance: total minutes viewed, one-minute video views, three-second video views, engagements, net followers, and so on. You will see that the list organizes your library of content from best performing to worst performing. Each post has an advanced analytics window which helps you to get a better idea overall and work on your mistakes for creating better content which will bring your videos more likes and views that your fanbase may watch with Watch Together feature.

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