The “YouTube of audio,” the music streaming company named SoundCloud created by musicians for musicians, has grown its importance during the pandemic.
The main reason behind this is the fact that SoundCloud provides a deeply connected community and you probably know the importance of it, especially during the COVID-19 period. Besides, SoundCloud is working hard to help musicians make money and connect on deeper levels right now.

Every music blogger prefers SoundCloud for PR purposes and here at MusicPromoToday, we would love to give you direction on how you can be using SoundCloud to your advantage during these difficult times.

Improve Your SoundCloud Profile

While many artists may not pay proper attention to their profiles not only on SoundCloud but also on other social media accounts and streaming platforms, we will never get tired of repeating that it plays a crucial role in your career success!
That is why you won’t be having a better opportunity than lockdown to take your time and optimize your SoundCloud profile.  Make sure that your SoundCloud profile is fully filled out with a header, descriptive bio, links to socials, albums, singles, as well as the artwork.

Improve Your Tracks

While you might be tempted to hop right on streaming platforms like Spotify and Pandora and start gunning to get on playlists you still need to be on SoundCloud. And your uploaded tracks on SoundCloud must have proper cover art, a title where you do not have to include your (the artist) name, a genre (if your music features multiple genres then choose a primary one), or select other genres in the “Additional Tags” section. And the last thing, write a short description of your track.

It is important to know whether the track should be in private or public. If you are premiering your song, it should be set to private until the official release date. For releases that aren’t premiering anywhere, you can safely choose the public option.

Message Your Regular Listeners

Engagement and connection are so important during the quarantine. Thus you will establish new relationships with fans or strengthen the bond between the old ones. If you decide to spend some money on SoundCloud’s Pro Unlimited, you can see your analytics on the Stats tab to find out who your most frequent listeners are. This is a great way to ask them to join your mailing list and/or follow you on social media.

Promote your SoundCloud On Social Media

Quarantine is the perfect time for organizing your duties and making a few minor but important steps towards your public recognition. Consequently, this is a great opportunity to promote your SoundCloud page in your newsletter and on social media as people are spending more time on social networks than they used to before this pandemic fuss. Rounding up fans who are already engaged is always easier than drawing in completely new fans, so it’s best to start where you already have a following. Insert a link to your SoundCloud page in status sections on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Or you can also link your SoundCloud account to multiple sections on the social network for those who might have missed your status update.

Pitching to SoundCloud Playlists
Start pitching your music to SoundCloud playlists. Start by researching for playlists that you think your song would fit into. Of course, you might get a few rejections but consider it a compulsory process to toughen your skin before you dive in.

We hope you take advantage of these tips! If you need more assistance or guidance in promoting your music then just check out other articles on how to promote your music in our blog section or contact us through our form, and we’ll get back to you in no time!