A question that recurs with many musicians is, how do you find your sound?

This is an age-old question for all music producers and artists. It is one thing to create an awesome track, but it is a whole other thing to produce music that signifies your style track after track.

However, in order to truly find your ultimate music style the most difficult challenge is to keep on trying.

Create As Many Songs As You Can

Keep in mind that not all of these tracks need to be published. Some can remain in your archives to revisit and work off something you like.

There is absolutely no shortcut to finding your sound. It is all about putting in the hours to actually find it. Make 10, 100, 1,000 songs. As mentioned above, they should not necessarily be finished or released. A song can be a demo design with rugged sound patterns and embryonic forms. Something as simple as five or six instances of pianos and strings can produce melodic content to lead the pack.

Use Unique Instruments

This does not mean that you have to hunt down the most unique and fresh musical instrument out there. On the contrary, this instrumental sound can simply be your vocals.

Many rappers and rock bands offer a distinctive sound simply by layering on unique vocalists.

Derive Influences

This may be the hardest part of it all. Clearly, you can derive your unique sound from your favorite artists, but how can you put your own spin on it?

You may love the way Sia sounds, but you will need to look beyond her creations to get to your special sound. Whether it’s obtaining style ideas from the tunes, stringing together rock instruments into EDM tracks, or taking notes from underground music, mixing genres can build an experience of new sounds.

Revisit, Revise, Revamp

Just like any other content that a creator is putting out there, you will have to revisit your work every now and then. This is the perfect opportunity to work on whatever you have going on instead of creating something from scratch. Many renowned artists go back to create deluxe editions of their tracks or albums. You can also play around with producing cover songs of your tracks to try on a new fit for your sublime creations.

Trends Or No Trends?

It is the surefire option to chase trends when putting anything creative out there. But, the main issue remains, are you too mainstream? This is where you may fall off the wagon. Although keeping up with current trends, moods, and courses is a good method to stay in the game, however, you will also want to sound unique.

All in all, it is important to take notes of the trends and try to incorporate them in a unique and fresh manner.

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