The biggest streaming service in music, Spotify has been on edge with its features, updates, and tools that enhance the music experience for its listeners. Its latest popular feature is Blend, a section in the application that allows users to list their favorite music and see how closely matched they are with their favorite artists. A cool interactive feature that also gives a digital card to the user and they can share it via social media platforms. 

The merch will be directed with Shopify, a partnership that extends years, and the users will be able to directly get their products from the platform. All the merch was selected by the artists themselves and this is Spotify’s way of helping the artists to gain more attraction and revenue from different features like Blend. 

These interactive features have been key to making the artists feel more connected with their favorite artists than ever before. User-made and company playlists are vital for gaining more attention for the artists and also allowing users to identify with each other when they find someone with similar music tastes. While other streaming platforms like Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Deezer focus more on sound quality, Spotify is more focused on getting a social interactive musical experience, which is what they do best.