The gaming world is rapidly becoming the future venue for entertainment and fandom monetization and a sweet-spot opportunity for PlayStation and Sony. It’s been some time already that we have been noticing Travis Scott throwing hints in his posts on something big coming our way. From posting pictures of PS5 joystick to the unprecedented concert in the “Fortnite” video game.

On October 23, Travis Scott revealed the collaboration on his Instagram account with a cryptic black-and-white video, showing himself sitting on a chair in front of a TV and booting up a PS5 interlaced with clips of Sony employees rocking custom Cactus Jack merch.
Travis Scott was a key test case as he is signed to Epic Records, a subsidiary of Sony Music. It turned out to be a very successful proof of concept for Sony Music to expand in the world of gaming and collaborate more closely with Sony Interactive Entertainment. Now, beyond traditional licensing deals, it is time for Sony to start developing cross-entertainment synergies between subsidiaries and integrate the music industry into the gaming world.
In their blog post, Sony PlayStation noted that the partnership idea was born out of Travis Scott A.K.A La Flame being a PlayStation fan (like who isn’t). As a Strategic Creative Partner, Travis Scott was expected to roll out innovative projects for Sony’s highly-anticipated next-gen console which was launched on November 12th this year.

This collaboration is the latest in a line of creative projects handled by Scott this year. Among his 2020 projects, there is the animated concert in the “Fortnite” video games and collaboration with McDonald’s. Both went on to stir the industry and set records: 12.3 million players tuned into his concert and many McDonald’s locations experienced shortages of Travis Scott’s meal ingredients due to high demand.

We hope to see more artists and celebrities participate in similar partnerships with gaming projects in the near future. Stormzy (Warner), for example, filmed a music video for his single inside a video game and stars in a mission of Watchdogs: Legion. Hip hop has earned its respect in the world of video games, and in terms of PlayStation, picking a Hip hop artist for this activation is undoubtedly the right choice. It is the favorite genre for consumers aged between 16 to 35 years old.

The Houston-native is providing fans with real-life experiences — that connects individuals through music, merchandise and partnerships. All of these show Travis Scott doing a great job at connecting with his fan base and constantly shining a light on his supporters. The rapper’s high level of attention to detail in his branding paired with his live performances create a separate island for his fans to experience from within the games. All of these unique aspects set the tone for any artist to create a movement and build a creative monopoly. Consistency and setting plank even higher are key to building a strong brand. Throughout Travis Scott’s music, visuals, and merchandise — he is constantly setting standards for his fan base to follow.

While solely pushing his lifestyle, Travis Scott stands as an illustrative example for any aspiring artist on how to promote music and merchandise, build a devoted fan base, and even create a monopoly.

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