Spotify recently updated their website Spotify Charts with some new, intriguing features for fans and artists alike. According to their statement, “the new website also introduces new charts to give more artists the opportunity to reach positions globally. Plus, new shareable Promo Cards will give artists and their fans more tools to celebrate their wins and milestones together.”

With a free Spotify account anyone can see the Weekly Top 50 Global Songs, Albums, and Artists charts as well as the full Top 200 Global Songs. The new features include Genre, City, and Local Pulse charts. Spotify stated that the Top 200 Global chart is updated every Friday “giving fans a chance to track their faves rise”.

The new Genre Chart allows fans to celebrate numerous genres that get created through artist collaborations. Every week the site generates 200 songs based on user playlists and editorial feedback. 

Another cool feature is the City Chart which shows the most popular music by location in the 200 top cities. Local Pulse charts highlight the uniquely popular songs in each city. “We look at each track’s popularity among listeners in each city compared to its popularity around the world to show off the distinct taste of local listeners,” Spotify noted.

Interestingly, users can also view labels, distributors, songwriters and producer credits for each song under the “more” button.