China is looking to curb the development of generative Artificial Intelligence in the country, as proposed measures from the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) call for tighter controls over the research, development, and use of AI. The measures apply to the use of AI-powered tech that generates text, images, sounds, videos, codes, and other content. 

Tech firms in China will need to submit the following security assessments to the “national network information department” before their AI services can be used by consumers:

  • The content generated by AI must not contain any extremist content, violence, ethnic hatred, or pornography.
  • It must reflect the core values of socialism.
  • AI service providers must ensure that users “scientifically understand and rationally use” the content generated by AI, and that it does not damage the image or reputation of others, engage in commercial hype or improper marketing, or disrupt economic and social order.

The proposals come as Alibaba Group and Baidu launch their own versions of Open AI’s Chat GPT.

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