You probably have read or heard multiple times that keeping your fans engaged is crucial in achieving success throughout your music career. In this era of streaming, a meaningful way to keep your fans engaged is releasing singles.

You can develop different marketing strategies that can be used to release a single. Still, a surefire way to promote your music and reach new audiences is making an effortless but unique lyric video. Lyric videos combine both your audio and visual aesthetics; thus, they can be used to offer your audience something to watch, even if it’s just as a background. 

In this article, MusicPromoToday is taking a deep dive into three of the main reasons why lyric videos are important and brief you on how to make your lyric videos more engaging. 

1. Lyric videos are great social media content

You can use lyric videos as a way of teasing your audience before a big release! 

First of all, they spread the word about your music and make your fans and followers start memorizing the lyrics to your song right away. A great way is to make a big splash by posting short excerpts of your song’s lyrics. This will build anticipation among your fans. Short quotes of your song are visually engaging for your fans and a great teaser to hear the rest of the song.

Daily, media platforms like Instagram or Facebook are flooded with posts of musicians sharing music with captions like “Hey everyone, check out this new song!” This is a great way to pull through and get people talking about your track and your story! 

2. Lyric videos create engagement

Yes, people do get engaged with lyrics. Those who really like your song or your fans that love reading the lyrics of a song will appreciate the extra effort of providing them with a video along with the theme. Admit it, it is better than merely posting the lyrics on a blog or somewhere else. 

Lyrics allow fans and listeners to understand your point of view with every new song, and that’s extremely valuable in terms of engaging people in a meaningful and lasting way.

Your fans may share your lyric video on Facebook or Youtube, and comment under it by pulling out specific quotes or tagging their friends to check out the song. In other words, your lyric video gives you that extra chance to create some buzz around your song.

3. Lyric videos are super easy to make

To make a solid music video for your song may take you a lot of time to plan, schedule, shoot, and require a considerable budget to produce. The advantage of lyric videos is that they are easy to make, and they have relatively no cost whatsoever! In apps like iMovie, or if you are a bit savvier with editing, using software such as Premiere, Final Cut Pro, or even After Effects, you can create a decent lyric video for your song! With the right visual ideas behind the lyrics and a drop of creativity, you can create a professional-looking lyric video no matter which software you use. 

With not enough practice, you can also make lyric videos using Animaker or similar programs.

Brainstorm ideas beforehand: spend some time brainstorming the idea behind the song. Conduct some research around lyric videos with similar images that you like. Remember that your vision for your lyric video should be as captivating and relevant to the song as possible.

Find stock videos/photos to use them in the video: after identifying your concept, use keywords to express your vision about the video. You can search for royalty-free stock videos and photos using these keywords. Highly recommended sites like Pexels and Unsplash, are both excellent resources for images to incorporate into your lyric video.

Decide on your software and practice using it: among the many advantages of lyric videos, one more is to be added. Lyric videos, as opposed to more complicated visuals, take relatively little or no editing. As long as you have a good visual idea, you just need to know your editing software basics to accomplish the task at hand. Lyric videos are also a great practice for increasing your editing skills for later use. As a side note, if your songs are not sung in English, the subtitle feature on YouTube may come in very handy for you! 

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