Warner Music Group, which invested in Roblox in 2021, officially confirmed that its “persistent music-themed social roleplay experience” will premiere on the gaming platform on February 4, 2023.  The first-of-its-kind digital world, called Rhythm City, is brought to life by the leading metaverse game developer and publisher Gamefam.

Chief Digital Officer and EVP of Business Development at Warner Music Group, Oana Ruxandra explains:

“As our lives become increasingly digital, exciting opportunities are opening up for artists and fans to engage and interact. WMG is focused on facilitating the foundations of these new experiences by building and experimenting across evolving ecosystems. This partnership with Gamefam sees WMG creating a place for artists and audiences to come together to define and contextualize their communities within living spaces.”

Founder and CEO of Gamefam, Joe Ferencz, also…To read the full article, click here.