You are an aspiring musician looking to build a music studio at home. Where to begin? You need to purchase the adequate equipment to be able to incorporate the necessary production requirements into your home. Here is a list of products you need to purchase to build a music studio at home.


The most pivotal part of your deck will be your computer, its backbone, so to speak. It would be best if you had something that has the capability of processing your audio without delay. Many musicians use a desktop set-up, but a large portion use laptops, which is a more convenient method to edit and create on the go. Here is a list of good computers you can purchase for your set-up. 

A Digital Audio Workstation 

A digital audio workstation (DAW) is either application software or an electronic device used to produce, edit, and record audio files. They come in different configurations, from integrated stand-alone units to single programs on a laptop, all the way to a central computer controlling all complex configurations. A DAW allows users to mix and alter various tracks and recordings into one piece in simpler terms. They are used to record and produce soundtracks, music, speech, songs, and anything else where audio is required. Here is a list of good DAWs for music production. 


As you want to level-up your already existing studio, you might want to get your hands on one of these microphones. Microphones are not necessarily essential, but you might want to create your own sounds once you reach a higher level of production. There is a lot of benefit in experimentation. 

Studio Monitors

To hear precisely what you are mixing or recording, you need a good pair of speaker monitors. They should not necessarily be big, just enough to hear all those little noises that you might otherwise miss. It’s generally favorable to use studio monitors specifically over regular speakers when mastering, mixing, or recording. As we mentioned, you simply get a much more accurate sound, when otherwise you might miss it, which can lead to an imbalanced mix. You can check out this list and pick one out for yourself. 

Midi Keyboard

Not a pianist? You’re in luck because you don’t need to be a grandmaster in the piano field to be able to create on a Midi keyboard. It would be best if you thought of it as a means to test sounds and add various digital instruments to your production. There is a saying that Midi keyboards “opens up a world of innumerable possibilities.” You can also experiment with Midi keyboards and perhaps light up that innate passion of becoming a pianist. Check out these Midi keyboards if you want to pick one up. 


Having good headphones is a crucial piece of equipment for your home music studio. Most probably, when you are just starting in your music career, you will mostly be recording on your own. While studio monitors are good for listening to how your song will sound through speakers, you need headphones to pick out those minuscule pieces that otherwise are unrecognizable. There are two types of standard headphone designs. 

1- Open back for mixing – offers the highest quality sound, while isolation degrades.

2- Closed back for tracking – provides the highest quality of isolation, while sound quality degrades.

Open back headphones are considered more of a bonus. But it would be best if you had closed back headphones. 

Final Remarks

When you are just starting, it is unnecessary to get the highest-end products, but you most definitely need most of our list’s mentioned products. Once you have the equipment set up, you can start producing. Look into MusicPromoToday for information on getting your tracks out there, and don’t forget to check out our Instagram for updates.