Presenting to you the first of its kind matchmaking service that connects artists with labels.

The famous digital distributor DistroKid introduced a new service of its kind called Upstream. 

The platform aims at helping independent artists receive exposure from labels in hopes of future collaborations. 

DistroKid has the potential of helping aspiring artists in building their careers. The platform claims to have over 2 million artists. Shortly after the establishment of Upstream, the very famous ‘Republic Records’ hopped into the game. As a side note, Republic Records is home to global superstar artists with notable success. These artists include, but are not limited to, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Drake. Many other labels are in the process of joining the initiative as well.

Philip Kaplan, the founder and the CEO of DistroKid told Billboard that Upstream is an optional service for those who agree to have their data shared with labels in hopes of getting signed. 

Labels are provided through a dashboard where they can filter the options based on their preferences. This dashboard facilitates the process of finding the right candidate, as the label can filter the type of genre, fanbase, and location of the artists. 

If it happens and both parties agree on signing a deal, there is a small fee called finder’s fee that should be paid to DistroKid.

The good thing about Upstream is that it works on ensuring a safe and friendly environment for artists where artists do not have to deal with so-called middlemen. If X label likes your work, then congrats! You are signed.

In addition to that, Upstream does not grant access to any label, only those that are legitimate and real are welcomed. 

Kaplan also emphasizes that this initiative aims to satisfy the DistroKid community’s needs. Many artists used to ask for exposure from records, and record labels in turn used to struggle to find talent.

“Upstream is the world’s first matchmaking service connecting artists and record labels,according to Distrokid. 

Is Upstream something you might be interested in?

Well, the answer is quite simple. If you are looking for fame and success, then the answer is yes.

If you want to remain independent and manage everything from PR to marketing and collaborations, then you do not need this service, and you are good to go by yourself.

Those who are interested in Upstream, jump in today before it gets saturated.

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