The platform, which has amassed more than 2 billion users from different parts of the world, has grown extremely popular over the years, and that’s due to its promising outcomes both to creators and users. 

Approximately 62 % of businesses nowadays use YouTube to post their content; that obviously differs based on the content you are creating. If you are a musician, then you should be capitalizing on the platform. However, if you are running a law firm, you might not have enough content to curate.

This article will lay out the facts about the platform explaining its significant role for artists to further excel in their careers.

First, Thing First, Why YouTube?

It is pretty evident that whenever an artist drops visuals for their project, 99% of the time (if not all the time), the video gets published on YouTube. Every project you work on should have its accompanying visuals, whether it is a lyric video or a music video. Note that, for your music videos, you can always come up with creative yet low-budget clips. It is not necessarily to throw thousands of dollars into a single music video.

Additionally, the $120 billion platforms is constantly growing its capacity by adding new features. It started as a mobile application, but now viewers can enjoy it from their big screens (TVs). The platform even has a button on the TV remote controls. Additionally, it generates playlists and mixes of songs, which fans can create by themselves.

How To Stand Out From The Crowd?

Let’s jazz it up a bit! 

Keep in mind that you are not only bound to a specific type of content (music videos, let’s say); you can always branch out and expand your horizons.

Assuming you are a rising electronic artist, you can drop a few tutorial videos explaining the foundations of launching a career in EDM for the sake of exposure. You could also release review videos, where you rate the instruments you use.

Another creative strategy would be to drop covers of songs, be sure to be picky with your choices. In other words, choose trendy or well-known pieces and make sure that the song has not been covered a gazillion times. Sprinkle the cover with your signature, add something new to it (either change the style or add a few beats, etc.). Viewers are usually interested in receiving something authentic and original from covers. 

Finally, don’t forget to include both the Karaoke and lyrics versions of your songs, in case fans would want to sing along while driving or chilling on a Friday night. 

In A Nutshell:

YouTube can assist you in stretching your career as much as possible, ultimately building a solid fanbase. Thus, never think twice about investing your time and money in the platform because the results are always a satisfactory outcome on your career.

You could also do introductory videos of your crew and post behind the scene footage to keep your viewers excited. 

The platform is constantly supporting the creators’ community over the last years alone; the company paid around $30 billion to content creators and media companies. 

Before finishing the blog, remember that Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth, Shawn Mendes, Alessia Cara, Tori Kelly, Carly Rae Jepsen are all famous now, thanks to the boost that the platform provided for them in the beginning.