For quite some time now, digital has taken over the industry, and it is quite evident that the digital format of listening to music is here to stay. You can learn about the best digital music streaming platforms in our article, the 3 Essential Platforms That Changed The Music Industry & Will 10X Your Engagement in 2021.

Still, melomanes find it special to listen to music in old traditional ways. Some artists even release their new album on vinyl records to attract those appreciating the effort and quality of the music. Vinyl provides better and more resonant sound than even the best digital mediums offer. However, to get the full vinyl experience, you need to learn how to use it in the first place. 

Getting some basic ideas on the old vintage equipment, you’ll be able to ensure your life’s best listening experience, and this article will help you with just that. Also, before diving deep into this article, make sure to follow MusicPromoToday blogs and their Instagram page to be updated on the most credible music marketing information out there. 

Tube Amp

If you are ready for some warm and rich sound climax, be prepared to pay for tube amps. Even though the amp itself can’t reproduce music, it is an important component of the vintage music experience. Those older amps are way stronger and higher in quality than their newer counterparts as they were built to last, meaning you can still find them easily. Of course, they also have different quality levels and price ranges. The better ones will not cost cheap, but the result is definitely worth it if you really want a great sound. 

Good Speakers

To really be able to experience the details of the sound, speakers are a must. You can get detailed information on speakers and their types here. The speakers with large woofers will make it possible to clearly hear the low end of the sound as it is made to reproduce the lows of vintage music. Pairing speakers with a tube amp is enough to give you a remarkable vintage sound experience. 


If you want to take a step further and go even more back in time with your vintage musical experiments, Victrola will do that for you. The record playing machine from the 20s and 30s was known as a phonograph, and was invented by Thomas Edison. Its speaker is very distinctly shaped; you can’t confuse it with anything else. The sound Victrola reproduces is crackly, but that is the uniqueness of the machine, making it so nostalgic even for generations who’ve never used it. Of course, in this case, the digital sound is clearer and has no cracking. 

If you don’t get the fun of experimenting with old methods of enjoying music, you can always stream it online as everybody else does. To be updated on digital trends, read A New Digital World Order – Live Streaming, TikTok The Weeknd, Sal Xo & Beirut

For all of you who are enthusiastic about trying new sounds or the old ones, in this case (yes, trying to be sharp), let’s dive deeper! 

You have definitely seen your favorite actors from old black and white movies hand-cranking the phonograph and enjoying the music or dancing to it. The sounds of Victrola will make you feel as if you are in those old movies. 

Collage From Album Art 

To make the whole vintage music experience complete, you can even collect old album artworks of the vintage music records and create colorful collages out of them by simply putting them side by side. Sometimes recreating the past and being nostalgic can be an enjoyable experience. You can visit flea markets, estate sales to slowly piece together your vintage music collection. Each item will remind you of some moment or experience. You’ll be able to connect to a certain era of humanity’s life and experience it. 

Hardly a hundred years passed since vintage music was current, yet it seems so far from us now. Especially now, with Christmas and New Year approaching, you will definitely watch some old movies and listen to old songs. Don’t hesitate and get the full experience out of the year’s most nostalgic period.