The weird email from Twitch finally gets explained!!

Twitch’s streamers got an email in October notifying them that Twitch had deleted some of their clips and VODs. Obviously, no one was happy with the news, and many were surprised. The weird email finally gets explained in the platform’s blog post “Music-Related Copyright Claims and Twitch.” The post also updates creators on the upcoming features they can expect from the platform. 

The message users got from the post is that Twitch admits they were not ready for a sudden issue with the copyright being taken down. The platform apologized for not offering a more user-friendly system so that streamers could avoid facing copyright problems. 

In the post, they stated that they could have given their users more sophisticated tools a while ago, and the fact that they didn’t is only their responsibility. They also mentioned: “And we could have provided creators with a longer time period to address their VOD and Clip libraries – that was a miss as well. We’re truly sorry for these mistakes, and we’ll do better.” 

To not end on a negative note, Twitch ends the post declaring that it is working on new tools offering “more granular ways to manage your archive” for streamers who have gotten the notification of copyright violation. The platform will develop tools to extend the technology of detecting copyrighted audio. They will also expand their control on the audios ending up in VODs. 

Their new tool, Soundtrack, will allow streamers to play licensed music in streams, but the music can not end up in the recorded content. Finally, Twitch announced that to easily file a counter-notification, they plan to give streamers the option to review the pieces of content and choose which were infringing beforehand.

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