Some musicians may miss the good old days of demo creation. That feeling of time being endless while waiting for an answer from record labels hoping to get a deal.  Others may not even know those days ever existed. Nevertheless, one thing is certain: those days are forever gone. Today, creating music is not enough to get it heard. The game of music marketing is as wild and lit as it gets.  

However, a reasonable capital can be enough for you to record your music and promote it as an independent artist. While it is possible to succeed in promoting your music by yourself, independent music marketing requires an enormous amount of work. From MusicPromoToday’s Music Marketing Trends you can find some useful and trendy tips on music promotion in 2020.  

Below, we will give you insights into an inseparable part of music marketing called SEO. 

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. In this article from MOZ, you’ll have a short introduction to modern SEO and get the basic idea of how it works.

At first glance, SEO may seem basic and easy. Yet, in practice, you’ll feel the need for tips and tricks. So, MusicPromoToday gathered together all the essential SEO tips for you to get your music to a broader audience. 

Pay attention to LYRICS 

Lyrics represent the highest music-related search online.Let the music enthusiast web user find them on your website. While searching for lyrics, people will find you. That will make it easier for you to get noticed.  

Putting lyrics on your Social Network accounts too will also increase the chance for users in search of lyrics to find you. You can also check our article on Music Marketing Tips for FB for more hands-on information on music promotion via social media. 

Remember to target the attention from websites, social media or wherever else to offer sales info for tours, songs, albums, and merchandise. Surround the lyrics with the information you want the audience to receive. 


Perform consistent covers. Platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify, etc. are an excellent way for independent artists to increase their popularity within the music industry. However, YouTube is undoubtedly the platform you have to pay more attention to. The reason is obvious: Youtube is owned by Google, the most popular search engine in the world. Creating YouTube content will make you more reachable for the audience. The most popular musical trend on YouTube is covers. 

As it became widely problematic for artists to have legal issues because of covers, in this article you can find a full guide on the legal side of the topic. 

Find trending music in your style within your genre preferences and keep posting covers regularly. Also, cover popular songs from famous artists. Don’t forget about keywords. Put them under every cover by mentioning the music and the original artist. Right keywords, along with covers, will bring you the fame or at least the maximum exposure artists are looking for. 

TITLES Do Matter 

Choose titles wisely as they can either make or break your career. People have to know that your video exists, but they will not if your titles aren’t easy to find or don’t contain certain keywords. I know every artist wants to appear unique, and you probably have many “Rape Me” or “Space Oddity” vibe having ideas for your career. 

However, remember that the start of a music career, in terms of SEO, is not the best place to be too unique. 

To find detailed information on starting promotion for your newbie music career check this article on Where to Start, What to Do? Being a newcomer, you might also be interested in checking out The What, Why, and How of Building a Music Career.

While still building your name on the internet, consider creating titles with keyword phrases that people will look for. A great example of an SEO friendly title for you/your band performing Space Oddity will be David Bowie’s Space Oddity Cover by your name/your band’s name. 


The keyword is the phenomenon mentioned repeatedly above and reasonably so. SEO is nothing without keywords, and finding the right ones for your content is essential. However, if you’re new to music marketing or SEO, finding keywords may become a headache. With the number of online tutorials, programs, tools, helping you find the right keywords, it can be easy to lose track. 

The process will seem never-ending and, most of the time, useless. Instead, you can schedule a virtual meeting with an established SEO specialist. You’ll save time and nerves. 

Along with the mentioned tips, be sure to have a content creation schedule and plan. It is essential for music marketing. Use our tips to reach a new level of music promotion with the help of SEO but also to take your music to wider audiences beyond your friends and relatives. 

Stay tuned to MusicPomoToday for more doses of useful and practical music marketing tips and trends.