Breaking! The Universal Music Group and Big Hit Entertainment have 

announced a joint partnership for establishing a new label in the United States

According to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Universal Music Group, Sir Lucian 

Grainge, the aim behind the initiative is to accelerate the global reach of the K-Pop culture. 

The initial plan is to host a televised contest, similar to the XFactor auditions, to choose the talents. Additionally, the initiative promises to equip the winning team with ample networking and 


UMG and Big Hit have strategically divided the responsibilities between the two groups. 

Big Hit will be responsible for the process of coaching, discovery, and the development of the artists. It will also establish and manage fan communication by using Weverse (more on this). Whereas the team at Geffen Records (which is owned by UMG) will use their networks to manage the music production and will oversee the marketing and the distribution process.

Big Hit and UMG have also created a joint label, where the artists will be signed to the Los Angeles-based label. The production will completely follow that of the K-Pop

production style in terms of dance, fashion, and fan engagement. 

Big Hit Entertainment’s expertise is widely respected in the field of talent management and music production. It has become one of the leading global dominators in the field, especially after launching the grammy-nominated boy band, BTS. 

The announcement was made in a presentation attended by major figures like Big Hit’s 

chairman and CEO Bang Si-hyuk and global CEO Lenzo Yoon, Universal chairman 

and CEO Lucian Grainge and John Janick.

The Chief Executive Officer of UMG has also commented the following:

“I’m certain that what we are announcing here today will mark the beginning of a new chapter in music history.” 

He praises the opportunity believing that it will be a success story and will ultimately change the music industry. 

What is Weverse?

Back to Weverse! 

Weverse is a community-based forum where fans can reach out and communicate with their favorite artists. It was created by Big Hit Entertainment in 2019, and it is currently home to more than 1.8 million users from different 200 countries. 

The platform is already being used by Gracie Abrams. Yungblud and other major names will join the club as well. 

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