Facebook! One of the leading platforms and home to more than 2.8 billion users is reshaping the world of social media interactions. As a matter of fact, it is currently the most used social media platform, according to Statistica. However, it is crucial to note that along with popularity comes responsibility. The company always pushes forward to satisfy the ample number of its users. Hence, Facebook must keep on throwing new features to the table to keep its audience hooked and entertained. 

Moreover, the spiking popularity of Facebook stories could be due to the pandemic, because we can no longer ignore the fact that quarantining revolutionized online interactions, as users started preferring engaging with genuine content. The majority, if not all platforms, have developed a bunch of cool incorporated features like beauty filters, funny facial expressions, animations, 3D objects, and the list goes on and on. This all happened because of people’s desire to connect and relate to the content creators are catering to them. Additionally, with the currently available tools, creators can now reach out and expand their horizons; with the appropriate tools in hand, they can focus on creating. As simple as that!

The latest Facebook story features exactly resemble those of Instagram stories or Snapchat, you just have to open your camera and explore the wonders they have provided you with. Whenever you post something, viewers can also interact with the content by sending a reaction or a text message. 

Besides Facebook stories, the platform also came up with a new feature called “rooms” where you and your selected person/s can go live, and others join to ask questions or simply watch your talk. Facebook also lets its users turn their profile pictures into short videos instead of a simple photo.  

The king of social media (aka Facebook) has transitioned its platform from being a dating website (back in 2004) to a multi-dynamic hub that arms its users with everything starting from stalking to entertainment, without forgetting marketing and advertising. 

In a nutshell, if you are a rising artist and you are not sure how to utilize each platform, remember that every social platform is known for a certain specialty, therefore you can not post the same content across all of your socials. You have to know what to post, where, and when. 
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