Now more than ever, people thrive to establish social interactions, even if that means interacting behind screens. The “only invite” social media application has done a remarkable job at providing an open arena for discussions and debates. In less than a year after the launch of Clubhouse, the application now counts over 10 million weekly active users. Clubhouse has also attracted a sizable number of celebrities and major figures including, Oprah, Estelle, Scooter Braun, Mark Zuckerberg, Drake, and Elon Musk, just to mention a few.

After the skyrocketing fame of Clubhouse, the social media platform has recently added that it is now working on transitioning the platform into a monetization hub for creators. The exclusive iPhone application also highlighted that; every penny donated to the creator will go directly to the creator’s bank account, without the involvement of any middlemen in the process.

Just like Twitch, Clubhouse will include a similar feature of ‘tips’ to simply tip your favorite creator. Twitch and Clubhouse each have a distinct audience with specific interests. For instance, Twitch has proven to be a hub for e-sports and video games, while Clubhouse is appearing to become the future nucleus of music enthusiasts.

Clubhouse’s latest initiative aims to arm the rising stars who might need their fans’ support to set afloat. The new feature known as “Clubhouse Payments” will let us (aka the users) support the creator of our choice by tipping them with $. 

The announcement came in an official blog post made by the company itself. However, keep in mind that for starters, the feature will be tested on a designated group. Then, they will expand after the testing period successfully ends. 

If you’re still new to the creative industry, then this might be a golden opportunity for you. Before jumping in, be sure to prepare educational and enlightening content for your audience. The sole purpose of the platform is to inform, educate, and connect people regardless of their geolocation. 

Besides that, the platform could also help you with exposure to professionals and even potential fans. This doesn’t mean that you always have to be the teacher, you could also join specific rooms that could help you with kicking off your musical career. You might find the secret recipe of having successful collaborations, maximizing profits, and branding, from Clubhouse alone. Having said that, you could always raise your hand while being in the room and drop a few questions to the presenter. 

So if you’re a talkative person, then don’t think twice. Hurry up and capitalize the platform. P.S. for now, you can only join the community if you’re an IOS user. 

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