What makes the Instagram verification badge valuable is the fact that it is considered to be the only social media status symbol a person can’t purchase. 

There are several reasons that make Instagram verification essential, especially for businesses. For starters, most data hints that most of the bigger Instagram accounts are verified, and if one wants to grow their Instagram profile, becoming verified is crucial to be notable from the rest of the business. It is important to remember that an account does not need a large number of followers to get verified.

A verification badge makes an account more official and trustworthy. Other important reasons include differentiation between real pages and impersonations, getting credibility, appearing more frequently in the search bar search which attracts new followers and gaining access to more features such as the Swipe Up feature. 

Luckily, the verification process is fairly simple, as it only requires following the guidelines state. The guidelines emphasize authenticity, uniqueness, having a complete profile (having a public profile, bio, a profile picture, etc.), and most importantly, notability, meaning that the profile name represents a famous brand or person.