Marketing your music may be an intimidating process, especially if this is your first time.

You’re placing your new song in the spotlight, and it’ll draw attention.

Even when you’re successful, music marketing may be difficult. So we thought we’d assist you in mentally prepping.

Here are five things to keep in mind while you create a marketing campaign, run social advertisements, or share your songs with new listeners:

  1. Develop thick skin

When you begin to sell your music, you will encounter some criticism, whether it is simply indifference or outright rejection. It’s natural to take criticism personally. You’ve worked hard to create music that you’re proud of. Now some anonymous online user is saying it stinks?

There are several strategies to deal with negativity. The first is that you simply don’t answer. Ignore the haters and keep moving forward. However, if you want to answer, make sure you don’t burn any bridges in the process. Using the “So you think you can do any better?” approach may appear petty. If you must respond to criticism, do it diplomatically before moving on. Don’t dwell on the haters.

  1. Work & analysis

Music promotion is not a “set it and forget it” approach. When you start a marketing campaign, you must manage and optimize it.

This requires some early morning and/or late-night effort, which might be exhausting if you already have a busy job schedule.

However, devote those extra hours to marketing. Nobody else will take it seriously if you don’t.

  1. Changes in advertising and algorithmic trends

The technique you employed in your previous campaign may not work the next time you attempt it. Trends are, well, trends. Returning to the same well too frequently (or even more than once) may indicate that you’re investing resources in something that will likely provide lower returns.

Don’t become stale. Stay nimble.