In current times, many people have ideas and opinions to share on the best ways to be a successful musician. Those opinions can vary and even have contradictory or irrelevant elements. Therefore, we have gathered the three most important things an artist should be doing that guarantees their success.

Practice & Perfect

With any form of job, artform, or craftsmanship, 99% of people need extensive time practicing and perfecting their skills at it before becoming a professional at their job. Consider the 10,000-hour theory in mind– the more you practice, the better you will be so it would be very smart for you to invest a lot of time perfecting your instrument, voice, editing, and so on. 

Music Theory

Many people neglect the idea of educating themselves when it comes to music, however, music theory is an essential asset to play better and have more fun while creating. It’s a simple system that is very easy to learn and the dedication pays off in the result. 

Up To Date With Technology

Today, every artist is almost required to have their own DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) which enables them to mix and edit simple things. It’s part of the evolution of music and how it’s being perceived and to have a simple DAW either on a platform or an application will definitely come in handy more often than not.