If you have ever tried to write songs with unforgettable melodies and creative lyrics then you probably know that can be pretty challenging. Even the most experienced and talented songwriters during their careers are facing a creative crisis from time to time.
Below you will find some helpful tips and tricks in case you are experiencing something that is called writer’s block or if you just need some motivation for your future projects.

1. Perfect doesn’t always mean good

Your main goal must be the development of the skill of creative writing and not the creation of a bunch of perfect and unforgettable songs in a row. Of course, that would have been great but come on, you are not Michael Jackson 🙂

You must write a lot, experiment, and play with the words until you stimulate the creative part of your brain instead of the analytical one.
Famous English Pop/Rock songwriter Sting once said that he started experiencing difficulties when writing songs because of his analytical approach towards the music.

2. It is better to be hissed at for a good verse, than applauded for a bad one

It is ok to write a song that the vast majority of listeners won’t approve of. Always heed to the advice of your friends and relatives. Always get feedback and ask people to be as honest as it is possible when it comes to commenting on your work. This is one of the crucial ways to the improvement of your skills.

3. Right can be the hidden wrong

With practice comes the ability to make things fast and right. This expression applies to almost every aspect of our life. The same is with songwriting. It is good to make things right at the beginning of the road but with the time you start to lose the ability of improvising, inventing something new. You need to keep that balance between doing things the right way and breaking the rules if you find it necessary.

4. The most talented individuals are rarely the most successful

As it is said in Fort Minor’s song to Remember The Name it is 50 percent pain And a hundred percent reason to remember the name. Other factors like luck, skill, and power f will don’t have that much importance.
The same is with writing songs. You can be a talented person who has never known failure and it will be too difficult to stand up after knockout.
But those individuals, who put too much effort and have in their minds the sweet desire to win are more likely to succeed.

5. You have to be different to be irreplaceable

There are endless numbers of topics you can write songs about and the most popular one is ‘love’.  Of course, you can write another love song and it may become popular for a while but it will not become unforgettable. The fact is you should always say common things differently.
Dianne Warren said “Un-break my heart” instead of “Mend my heart”.

6. Two heads are always better than one

Even if you are a total introvert and constantly avoid people you have to overcome it and start working with others. Collective works are often turn out to be way better than individual ones. The whole process of a joint effort during the writing process may eventually turn into a real masterpiece.

7. Don’t forget to put your brain on a rest

There can be times when you spend on a project like too much time and still end up with a disappointing result. Annoying, isn’t it?
To avoid such scenes, you have to take regular breaks and come back to your project with a rebooted brain.

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