Want to know why most of the Indie musicians are killing social media and how to avoid the same path? Here are some common mistakes that artists make while promoting their music and  MusicPromoToday is happy to share them with you.

Mistake #1: Me, Me, Me Marketing

Social media is a technology that contributes people to share ideas, thoughts, and information through the building of virtual networks and communities.
It is hard to notice but with time, we are starting to forget the social half of the phrase social media. The sad fact is, using social media as a one-way street, is killing your promo game.

You have to communicate, engage with your fan base instead of overwhelming them with the links, videos, and unnecessary stuff about your band or your album.

Engaging with your fans is easier than you think and sometimes it can be a strong promotional tool in your hands.

So, once again, communication is the key. You can share albums or videos about other music that you find nice. Then ask a question of what they think. Another way to engage with your fans through social media can be sharing of news related to the music industry or any issues that bother you or somehow reflect the personality of your band. Then use this all in a conversation.

Involving fans in your processes is another great option. Instead of sharing links of the same videos again and again, record and share a video of your band working in a studio or upload a demo mix and let your fans share their opinion.
In other words, just work towards building a community.

Mistake #2: Focusing on the Wrong Metrics

Actually, the number of your followers may mean nothing unless you see the conversions. More important than a follower, a like or a comment is your mailing list with the number of subscribers and the passing around of it during your shows. The next is the number of CDs and T-shirts that you were able to sell. And of course communication. Communication is the key, remember? You have to hang out with your fans after your shows to build a strong community.

You have to stop focusing on the number of your followers on social media platforms and, instead, focus on converting your followers into real and loyal fans.

Use social media to involve music listeners to your websites where you attempt to funnel them to mailing list signup, a song download, or buying one of your band’s T-shirts.

Mistake #3: Repeating Yourself on Every Social Network
Copying your Facebook feed and posting it to your Twitter feed and after to your Google+ is a horrible idea.
You have to realize that people using Facebook are different from people who use Twitter. And you have to realize that making tweets on Tweeter every 15 minutes is good but it is bad for your Facebook feed.

The main advice here is that you act like you are a music fan yourself and start following other musicians and bands and observe the way they use their social platforms. You can take notes of what you liked as a fan or what worked on you and later develop a plan for your actions.

Mistake #4: Sell Without Selling

Don’t just be a bulletin board. All you have to do is make a stable connection with your fans and build a strong community around your band. You will not see an insult result and wake up to million followers on your social platform in one night but if you stay consistent and supply your fans with quality content, in a period of 6 to twelve months you will start noticing a difference. Piece by piece you will be able to create a community of your loyal fans who will be glad to support you.  You have to be yourself, create good music, and eventually, you will develop your stong community who will do the major work of promoting your band. They will play your CDs at different parties advising your music to others. They will wear t-shirts with your band thus making it more popular.
Of course, you can buy followers and views for your social media pages but they will never be able to replace the power of a real community.

In the end, summarizing the above, all you need to do is building of your tribe, nurturing your community, and stop acting like a sales machine.

If you have any questions or would like to hear more about the benefits of building your community, you can drop us a message on our Contact page and we will reply to you in less than 24 hours!