The TikTok algorithm is a marvel! It is a complex system that delivers content to our screens based on what it considers to be our interest. As a creator and artist, you can leverage the knowledge of the algorithm and how it works to spread your content and engage more fans. To help you do so, we’re sharing some hacks below.

The Three Second Rule

Hook your audience in the first three seconds. Make it pop to ensure that your viewer stays till the end. This will guarantee an engagement style to the algorithm that this particular user is highly interested in your content. 

Niche Instead Of Broad

Niching in something very specific allows you to use sharp and on point hashtags that signal to the algorithm exactly what content you create. It will then show your content to interested users. So use your niche and create specific hashtags!

Consider Using Trending Audio

What TikTok loves most is a TREND. Create whatever content you usually post and consider adding cool, trending audio to it. This is a fun and easy way to jump on a trend and share it with your audience. 

New Features 

It’s always beneficial to stay on top of new feature releases, especially on TikTok, an app that constantly tests new tools. Try out something new and experiment to your heart’s content. But always analyze and see what works best.

Make Your Content Accessible

If your content is easy to digest, fun, and comprehensive, you are likely to get more engagement like shares and comments. Try using on-screen text and captions that are easy to read and make sure to use legible colors and fonts.