Spotify is the number one choice for music marketing, with over 300 million users and built-in targeting based on their listening experience. It is the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription provider. Spotify has recognized its marketing potential for marketers and now has a well-organized promotional market:  Spotify Ads. It is the most prominent digital audio advertising platform, allowing marketers and brands to reach millions of ad-supported listeners. 

Learn what it takes to convey Spotify Audio Ads for your music effectively — and how to serve them to audiences you’ve never reached before. You want to promote your music on Spotify as a new and upcoming artist, but what is the exact return on investment for you? Here are some advertising goals that Spotify ads can help you with:

  • Reach – Promote your single/album/playlist to reach new listeners.
  • Listen – Improve your Spotify streams.
  • Impression – Increasing awareness of your artist brand.

Types Of Spotify Ads


Between songs, Spotify plays audio announcements. You can consider audio ads that last between 15 and 30 seconds. You can choose which types of music your ads will play. Ensure that your target audience enjoys music and that your ad is relevant to your target audience; otherwise, they will unsubscribe. You can also tailor your ads to a specific geographic region. Most Spotify listeners are Millennials and Generation Z, though older audiences have embraced the service.


When it comes to using video in your advertising, Spotify provides two options. You could proceed to create a Takeover video which will be delivered during the listening session. Like audio ads, you can purchase an ad spot between songs, but it can show a full-screen video instead of a single frame. This is undoubtedly only useful for those who are viewing the app. People who only use the app to listen to music are unlikely to use it to watch a video.

Display Ads

Spotify has a formal advertising marketplace, similar to Facebook and Instagram, which simplifies the advertising process on its platform. Because most people are now accustomed to the freemium model, Spotify’s free users are acquainted with hearing advertisements while listening to music. Those who actively despise advertisements will gladly pay for a Premium subscription. Thus, Spotify shows display ads for free users for 30 seconds, usually at the top of the Spotify browser. Users can click on a display ad and be directed to a specific landing page.

Sponsored Playlists

One of Spotify’s features is creating playlists of songs and making them available to anyone on the platform. You can also include an image that corresponds to your sponsored playlist. Creating a sponsored playlist allows you to get closer to your target audience and interact with them. Of course, any playlist you make should be carefully considered. You want people who listen to your playlist to be in the right mood, enjoy your chosen songs, and return to listen to them again.

Putting It All Together

Spotify is invested in the platform’s long-term success. Its distinct features and wide range of price points make it a credible platform for artists. 

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