We all have that one friend who is still trying to act cool and refrains from downloading the app, but I can assure you they will eventually fall into the rabbit hole, which currently has around 1 billion active users. Buckle up as we will indulge you with some mind-boggling facts that could potentially boost your music career forever. 

Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” gained traction from TikTok, which ultimately resulted in the mega-hit collaboration with the famous country singer, who also happens to be the father of the mega-famous star Miley Cyrus. Yes, the summer blast featuring Billy Ray Cyrus made Lil Nas X a household name and a grammy award winner. 

Did that get you excited enough? Now, let’s get to the juicy stuff. 

Although people, especially the older generation, like to tease Gen Z for their TikTok obsession, we cannot deny that TikTok has enormous marketing power, to say the least. After all, Finland faced a shortage in Feta Cheese supply after the famous ‘Feta Pasta Challenge.’ The point is, we cannot limit TikTok to the fun little dance challenges that we low-key enjoy watching and partaking in. TikTok is for everyone; the wonder of the app is that everyone can find a community that they can fit in, whether cooking, dancing, DIY-ing, comedy, and music. 

Who knows? Maybe, the sound you remix or the cover you do gets duetted by Charlie Puth. After all, he’s an active TikToker and one of the biggest music producers there is out there. Other names on TikTok include Finneas, Ashe, Benny Blanco, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and many more.

If you want your music, you have to make sure it’s getting engagement. That means people are either sharing TikTok videos that include your ‘sound,’ as TikTok calls it, or they’re duetting to it, making videos on it, liking videos containing it, etc. To achieve this, you can take advantage of trending hashtags that will spread like wildfire. Also, try to research about the algorithms behind the TikTok recommendation system, i.e., how videos end up on one’s FYP and what you can do to optimize it. Of course, you have to make sure your ‘sound’ is catchy, other than that it is up to you! Good luck and enjoy!

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