The bandwagon effect of TikTok is undoubtedly something to admire. As a matter of fact, almost everyone nowadays has at least one TikTok account. 

As soon as an online platform gains skyrocketing popularity, rising artists quickly hop in to capitalize on it. Thus, it is essential that you never ever sit back and assume your strategy is the best, even if you are yielding good results. Keep your eyes on the latest trends and be ready to jump in. 

The key to a successful TikTok account is <PLANNING>. If the pre-execution part was designed well, you are all set; the rest is a piece of cake.

Enough introduction. It’s time to get into the juicy stuff.

There are countless TikTok strategies, each catering to a specific audience and for a particular field. 

Below, we have gathered all the key strategies that will surely boost your musical profile on the platform:

  1. Hashtags: every now and then, new hashtags become popular, but specific hashtags remain the same, like the “for your page” one. Make sure to use hashtags relevant to your content and overall profile. Also, if you are announcing your upcoming album or a tour, or even a challenge, come up with a memorable hashtag and use it throughout your campaign. 
  1. Algorithms: befriend algorithms and be sure you two are on reasonable grounds because they are the ultimate game-changers, and you can not afford to lose control of them. Thus, make sure your content is engaging, short, and has a compelling video description. And oh! We almost forgot to remind you to have high-quality videos with cutting-edge edits.
  1. Keep brainstorming: you and your team should keep on bringing up bold ideas on the table, be it a collaboration with another artist, a live stream, or a merch; just be sure you keep moving. 
  1. Benefit from the analytics: never underestimate the wonders that TikTok analytics could provide you with. All creators now can benefit from the analytics dashboard for free, where they will get an overview of their followers (like their location). They will also know which content worked best and which did not. These analytics are not just stats; artists who want to excel in the field have and should document these numbers to find out about her/his strengths and weaknesses.  
  1. Play it safe: consult your PR team before rushing into doing something controversial. Being canceled nowadays has become extremely easy; you could literally be canceled in a matter of minutes. Moreover, be sure to use copyrighted materials to avoid any troubles with artists and labels. Finally, we can not emphasize the importance of fact-checking, avoiding harmful content, and hateful speeches. 
  1. Know your audience: know them and speak their language. No! not literally, but be sure to be relatable to them and provide engaging and informative content. 

Of course, the previously mentioned steps are not the only ones, but they are the crucial ones that will help you leverage your TikTok marketing journey. The platform is constantly evolving and expanding, so buckle up and always be ready. 

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